About Me

Cassie M. Drumm

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Hey there! My name is Cassie. And yes, that is my full first name. I grew up in suburban Philadelphia and got my Bachelor’s degree in English and Master’s in Publishing at a tiny college on the main line. My heart yearns to travel, but for now I’m happily residing in West Philadelphia, working as a publicist at Running Press. I have a kitten named Chloe, who may actually be a tiny horse. When I’m not reading, I spend my time obsessing over giraffes, watching witty sitcoms, exploring the city, and complaining about long distance running.

I have a passion for children’s books and love seeing campaigns like #KeepYAWeird and @DiverseBooks. Give me an important book or issue and I will bring attention to it through both traditional and social media. I can humanize and cultivate any online presence by connecting them with their true readers.

My Personal Mission:

To strive for honesty, creativity, sincerity, and drive in all aspects of life, including challenging endeavors of leadership, to help bring knowledge of diversity in literature to widespread communities.

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